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TransferJet™-Compliant Wireless IC: TC35420AXLG

TC35420 Wireless IC Compliant with the TransferJet™ standard

TC35420 is a wireless IC product that supports the TransferJet™ standard for close proximity wireless transfer technology. The TransferJet™ Consortium has defined the standard for this technology. This IC implements TransferJet™ functions with wireless, Digital-signal-processing, Host-Interface, and memory-interface functions in a single chip using RF-CMOS process.


One-Chip Solution
Wireless, Digital signal-processing are implemented into monolithic
RF-CMOS process
Built-in RF switch and LNA (Low-Noize Amplifier)
Very High-speed Host-Interface
SDIO UHS-I support
Low power consumption
Power reduction architecture supporting low leak cell
Single Power Supply
Small package
LGA81: 4.0 mm × 4.0 mm × 0.75 mm (max.)


Examples of TC35420AXLG Characteristics
Receiver :
Sensitivity (PER = 1%)
-70.7 dBm at Rate 522 Mbps
-77.2 dBm at Rate 261 Mbps
-84.0 dBm at Rate 65  Mbps
Transmitter :
Output power range : -62 dBm to -35 dBm (in 1-dB steps)
EVM : -31 dB
Notes :
PER : Package Error Rate
Mbps : Megabits per second
EVM : Error Vector Magnitude

TC35420AXLG Block Diagram

TC35420 Block Diagram

Transferjet™ -compliant IC Lineup


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