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Our corporate group is conducting a variety of educational venues on the environment, primarily at manufacturing sites both domestic and overseas and to children, who are our future generations. In FY2018, as a new effort, we started environmental education using semiconductors to educate children who live near our manufacturing bases nationwide.
Children coming into contact with semiconductor products that are being made at a factory nearby, we hope, would present an opportunity for them to consider environmental issues.


Activity report: Semiconductor-Related Environmental Education for Elementary School Students

“What are semiconductors like?” was the topic of the hands-on class designed to introduce children to semiconductors and to teach them how they are useful to our lives and the environment.
There were many teachers and children who like science and the class was a great success. Feedback from the children included, “I learned that semiconductors are all around me, such as inside traffic lights.” and “It's amazing to be able to make something so small.” Their teacher said, “I'm always teaching them to be someone who can suggest new ideas, and this was a class that supported that notion.” As a plant near where our children learn, we spread the message that semiconductors are helping to enrich our lives and achieve an energy-saving society.

Activity report : Semiconductor-Related Environmental Education for Elementary School Students

Plants conducting activities in FY2019
Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Himeji Operations – Semiconductor: 108 fifth graders participated
Japan Semiconductor Corporation Oita Operations: 193 fifth graders participated
Buzen Toshiba Electronics Corporation: 35 sixth graders participated

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