Toshiba Launches Two New 80V N-channel Power MOSFETs

March 30, 2020

Based upon the U-MOSX-H process, the new devices will significantly enhance power supply efficiency

TPH2R408QM and TPN19008QM

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (Toshiba) has launched two new 80V N-channel power MOSFETs based upon their latest generation U-MOSX-H process. Both devices are suited to a wide range of power applications where low-loss operation is important, including highly efficient AC-DC and DC-DC conversion in data centres and communication base stations as well as a broad range of motor drive equipment.

Both the TPH2R408QM and TPN19008QM are 80V U-MOSX-H products that exhibit a reduction of around 40% in drain-source on-resistance (RDS(ON)) compared to corresponding 80V products in earlier processes such as U-MOSVIII-H. As a result, the TPN19008QM has an RDS(ON) value of 19mΩ (max.) while the TPH2R408QM value is just 2.43mΩ.

Optimising the device structure has improved the trade-off between RDS(ON) and gate charge characteristics by up to 15% and the trade-off between RDS(ON) and output charge by 31%. Combining this with the improvements in RDS(ON) means that the new devices feature the lowest power dissipation in the industry.

Both devices are housed in surface mount packages and rated for a drain-source voltage (VDSS) of 80V. They can operate at channel temperatures (Tch) as high as 175ºC. The TPN19008QM is rated for a drain current (ID) of 34A and is housed in a 3.3mm x 3.3mm TSON advance package while the TPH2R408QM is rated for an ID of 120A and housed in a 5.0mm x 6.0mm SOP advance package.

Progressive shipping of the new devices starts today.



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