Toshiba’s New Photorelays Contribute to Equipment Downsizing by Reducing Mounting Density

August 27, 2020

New photorelays in S-VSON4T package with industry's smallest mounting area and maximum operating temperature of 125°C

TLP3407SRA, TLP3475SRHA  and TLP3412SRHA

TOKYO— Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched three photorelays: “TLP3407SRA,” “TLP3475SRHA” and “TLP3412SRHA,” that are the industry-smallest[1] voltage driven photorelays with an extended operating temperature rating of 125°C.

Raising the maximum operating temperature rating from 110°C to 125°C allows the photorelays to be mounted in high temperature areas, and makes it easier to secure required temperature design margins for equipment. The S-VSON4T package has the industry-smallest[1] mounting area of 2.9mm² .This will contribute to reducing PCB size or to increasing the number of photorelays in an existing layout in applications such as semiconductor testers, probe cards and other devices.


  • Semiconductor testers (memory, SoC and LSI, etc.)
  • Probe cards
  • Burn-in equipment
  • Measuring instruments (oscilloscope, data logger, etc.)


  • S-VSON4T, the industry’s first[1] packaging with a minimal mounting area and maximum operating temperature of 125°C: Mounting area 2.9mm2 (typ.)
  • Low input power consumption drive: 3.3mW[2] (max) @VIN=3.3V(TLP3407SRA)


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[1] For photorelays where maximum operating temperature rating is 125°C, according to a survey by Toshiba (as of August 25, 2020).
[2] Applied input forward voltage × maximum limited LED current=3.3V×1mA

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