Toshiba Releases Intelligent Power Devices That Help Reduce Mounting Areas

Small High-Side and Low-Side Switches (8-Channels)

February 7, 2023

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

Toshiba Releases Intelligent Power Devices That Help Reduce Mounting Areas

KAWASAKI, Japan—Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched two intelligent power devices that control the drive of the inductive loads of motors, solenoids, lamps and other devices used in applications such as the programmable logic controllers of industrial equipment. Shipments of the high-side switch (8-channels) “TPD2015FN” and the low-side switch (8-channels) “TPD2017FN” start today.

The new products use Toshiba’s analog device consolidation process (BiCD)[1] to achieve an on-resistance of 0.4Ω (typ.) in the output stage, over 50% lower than that of Toshiba’s current products[2]. Both TPD2015FN and TPD2017FN are housed in an SSOP30 package[3], which has a mounting area about 71% that of the SSOP24[4] package used for the current products[2], a height of 80% that of SSOP24 package, and a narrower, 0.65mm pin pitch. These improvements will help to reduce equipment size.

The maximum operating temperature of the new products is 110°C, higher than the 85°C of the current products[2], suiting them for operation in higher temperatures. In addition, both have built-in over current protection circuits and over temperature protection circuits, which help to improve equipment reliability.

[1] Bipolar CMOS DMOS
[2] Toshiba’s current products: TPD2005F and TPD2007F
[3] SSOP30 package: 9.7 × 7.6 × 1.2mm (typ.)
[4] SSOP24 package: 13.0 × 8.0 × 1.5mm (typ.)


  • Programmable logic controllers for industrial use
  • Numerically controlled machine tools
  • Inverters/Servos
  • Control equipment with IO-Link


  • Monolithic power ICs with built-in N-channel MOSFETs (8-channels) and control circuits
    (high-side switch TPD2015FN has built-in charge pumps.)
  • Housed in a small SSOP30 package, with a mounting area about 71% that of the SSOP24 package
  • Built-in protection functions (over temperature, over current)
  • High operating temperature: Topr (max) =110°C
  • Low On-resistance: RDS(ON) =0.4Ω (typ.) @VIN=5V, Tj=25°C, IOUT=0.5A

Main Specifications

(Unless otherwise specified, Ta=25°C)

Part number TPD2015FN TPD2017FN
Package SSOP30
Supply voltage VDD (V) -0.3 to 40.0 -0.3 to 6.0
Input voltage VIN (V) -0.3 to 6.0
VDDx - OUTx withstand voltage  VDSS (V) 50.0
Output withstand voltage VOUT (V) 50.0
Output current IOUT (A) Internally limited
Power dissipation PD (W) 1.8
Operating temperature Topr (°C) -40 to 110
Junction temperature Tj (°C) 150
Storage temperature Tstg (°C) -55 to 150
Operating ranges Operating supply voltage
VDD(opr) (V)
@Tj=25°C 8 to 40 2.7 to 5.5
On resistance
RDS(ON) typ. (Ω)
/ 5V (TPD2017FN),
Number of outputs 8
Protection functions Thermal shutdown
Overcurrent shutdown
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