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FAQs of Storage Products

The FAQs below contain answers to the most common questions regarding Toshiba HDD. If you would like to find information about Toshiba Consumer Storage Solutions such as external HDD, please check the global portal page and select the region to find the regional web page for such products.

Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation and its affiliates are hereinafter referred to as “Toshiba” in this page. Some pages and/or documents may include the name "Toshiba Corporation", please acknowledge that we will change those names timely and appropriately.


  • Where can I purchase Toshiba HDD(s)?

    Internal HDDs in this website are basically sold to OEM customers (PC manufacturers, system integrators and add-on makers), or to distributors, and not directly to end users. Customers of OEM and Distributors in Japan may be able to consult us by "Inquiry Form".

  • I would like to buy a case or a cable for my bare HDD.

    Toshiba does not sell a case or a cable for bare HDD separately.

Warranty (RMA)

  • What is the warranty on Toshiba HDDs?

    Please see the "Warranty Support" page for product warranty information. For warranty service, the drive basically should be returned to the dealer from which it was purchased or device manufacturer of the device in which the drive was installed.

  • My drive is defective. How can I have it repaired?

    In many cases, the drive itself is not actually defective, but the problem may arise from the media used, incorrectly installed drivers or software, or a faulty operating system. Please remember these as possible sources of error before going through the effort of replacing the drive. This section of FAQs includes several methods for remedying the problem. If this doesn't help, please refer to the page of "Warranty Support".

    If the drive is actually defective, you have to distinguish between the following possibilities:

    If the drive was installed in another device (e.g. PC, laptop, external housing, server, etc.) when purchased, then it can only be repaired by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for information on its repair procedure.

    If you bought the device separately from a shop, then claims can only be made with the shop that sold you the drive.

    About internal HDDs in this website, Toshiba does NOT provide a direct repair service to anyone other than our direct customers. It is not possible to make claims directly to Toshiba in cases of possible defects. Therefore please do NOT send a defective drive to Toshiba, because Toshiba cannot process this type of transaction.

  • Will the data on my HDD be available after repair? Does Toshiba provide data recovery?

    Toshiba does not provide any data recovery service, and your data will not be available after repair.

    As for the repair process for Toshiba HDD, please refer to the pages of "Warranty Support" and "FAQ".  Where we handle the repair process for direct customers, Toshiba policy is to fully respect the confidentiality of your data. Therefore all data on any of drives will be rendered inaccessible as a result of the repair process. This serves to prevent misuse any of the data stored on your drive.

    If you are in urgent need of the data on your defective drive, please contact specialized data recovery companies.

  • Will I receive the same drive in return?

    As for the repair process for Toshiba HDD, please refer to the page of "FAQ". In principle, you will receive a different drive from the one you sent in for repair in order to speed up the exchange process and reduce your waiting time.

Product Information (Features, Specification, and Technical Information)

The FAQs below contain answers to the most common questions regarding Toshiba HDD. If you would like to find information about Toshiba Consumer Storage Solutions such as external HDD, please check the global portal page and select the region to find the regional web page for such products.

  • How can I distinguish a Toshiba drive from other vendor's products?

    There is "TOSHIBA" logo printed on the label of our drive.

  • I would like to know rule of naming (model number) of Toshiba HDD.

    Please refer to the description about ”Part Naming Conventions” page.

  • Can you provide specifications for Toshiba HDD?

    Toshiba current product specifications can be found on this web site. Many of older product specifications can be found on the page of "Product Archive".

    There are some products that are not included on the web pages linked above. They are the models that were shipped to limited customers, and/or the ones that are past their warranty expiration term.

  • I would like to receive a manual or any technical reference document for my drive.

    Toshiba provides the technical reference document to our direct customers, and not to end users. Direct customers should speak with their sales representative.

    For end users' reference, there are technical materials at "Trends & Technology" page as well as "Technical Support" page.

  • I need a formatting tool of HDDs.

    Toshiba does not provide a formatting tool for HDDs for personal users.

  • I need an HDD driver.

    Toshiba does not provide HDD driver for personal users. Toshiba HDD installed in Windows® PC system operates with a driver in Microsoft® Windows®.

    * Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

  • I would like to get the firmware for my HDD.

    Toshiba does not provide any firmware program for end users.

  • I need a diagnosis tool of HDDs.

    Toshiba does not provide any diagnosis tool for HDD for personal users.

  • My system does not recognize the HDD which is designed for built-in use. Please tell me which HDDs are to be recognized.

    Toshiba client HDD in this website is aimed to be installed in systems made by our OEM customers. Toshiba has neither the information about HDD's compatibility nor about how the OEM's system would recognize an HDD. Therefore, please check with the manufacturer of your system about HDD's compatibility.

  • I would like to replace HDD installed in PC. What kind of Toshiba HDD can be installed to my PC as a replacement?

    Toshiba HDDs in this website are shipped to OEM customers as storage devices installed in OEM PC systems. Please ask the PC manufacturer what kind of HDD will operate properly in the system. Consulting the PC manufacturer is recommended.

    In addition to the physical dimensions and connectors, there are a lot of parameters (like power consumption, temperature distribution, etc.) that could differ. Also, older BIOS versions may have difficulties recognizing modern HDDs which exceed a certain storage capacity. So please contact your PC manufacturer or certified dealer for information on which HDDs can be used in your PC.

  • My PC is not able to recognize all the available capacity of the upgraded HDD.

    Some old BIOS are unable to recognize the full capacity of a new larger HDD and it can only address a part of the drive. You are probably using a 32-Bit host PC. Systems with an LBA length of 32 Bit only support storage capacities up to 2.2 TB. Toshiba recommend that you contact your PC manufacturer and get new BIOS that support your larger HDD. Please refer to the information on the document linked here (50kB).

    If this is not the reason but the usable size is just a bit smaller than expected, this issue is probably due to different ways of calculating the size, either using the decimal or a binary system:

    In a decimal system 1GB=1,000MB=1,000,000KB=1,000,000,000Byte. But most operating systems calculate with factor 1024 instead of 1000: 1GB=1024MB=1024x1024KB= 1,073,741,824Byte. Because of this, all drives seem to be reduced about 7 percents smaller under the operating system than they really are.

  • I would like to know about Advanced Format. Do I need to partition my Toshiba advanced format hard drive?

    Under certain circumstances it would be effective to partition your drive for optimal performance. Please see "Advanced Format".

  • My hard disk drive produces strange noises.

    In most cases, rattling noises are normal and are no reason to worry. They are caused by mechanical parts of the HDD and just indicate that the drive is reading, writing or calibrating itself. Even if the drive is not being actively written to or read from, most operating systems do a lot of accesses to the system disk in the background. So if there is no additional indication for a defect, just the noise alone basically does not indicate that the drive is faulty. And Toshiba might recommend you to consult PC/system vendors or the shop you purchased the device/system about the phenomenon since the HDD is just a part of the system.


  • I would like to request a parameter sheet for exporting HDD from Japan to another country.

    Please ask for it from your dealer from which the HDD was purchased or the device manufacturer who installed the HDD.

    For OEM customers and Toshiba authorized dealers, please ask your Toshiba sales representative.

  • Will Toshiba support the HDD that was made by HGST or Western Digital (WD) company in May 2012 or before?

    Toshiba does not provide support service for HGST/WD 3.5-inch HDDs made on or before May 15, 2012. Please contact WD for further information.
    * Western Digital and WD are registered trademarks of Western Digital Technologies, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

  • Does Toshiba support Fujitsu HDDs, which are designed for built-in use?

    Toshiba supports Fujitsu HDDs that are within warranty period and designed for built-in use through the manufacturer of your system in which your HDD is installed.

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