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For triac couplers, how should a VDRM (400V, 600V, 800V) be selected?

Considering AC power supply peak values and voltage fluctuations, generally, Toshiba recommends triac couplers with a VDRM of 400V for 100 to 120VAC load applications, and triac couplers with a VDRM of 600V or 800V for 200 to 240VAC load applications. For triac couplers, an AC power supply voltage is directly applied between output terminals T1 and T2. Although a distance between the output terminals needs to be secured depending on the AC power supply voltage or usage environment, according to the requirement for that distance between the output terminals, a package can also be selected between general-purpose DIP6 and small SO6.

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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.