Motor Control and Driver Circuit Library

Highly Convenient Device Selection Tool for Motor Control and Driver Circuit.
Simple interface to download simulation circuit based on required specification.

What's new Oct.2023

Added two designs, for AC 400V/20A class 3-phase motor drive circuits for industrial equipment.


With Motor Control and Driver Circuit Library you can select and download various basic topologies of motor driver such as three-phase inverter circuit based on your actual requirements in order to verify the behavior of MOSFETs and another devices for your simulation environment. 

After selecting a suitable topology, this library allows you to change devices such as power MOSFETs and circuit constants. All topologies in this library have a simple controller model that simulates only the necessary functions from motor control IC. This can save verification time when choosing the devices such as power MOSFETs for your simulation environment.

Function Introduction・Operation Procedure

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