Switched Mode Power Supply Library

Highly Convenient Power MOSFET Selection Tool.
Simple interface only power supply specification input necessary.

What's new Apr.2024

Added two designs, 50 V to 1.2 V buck converter of 20 A and 10 A output, targeting 48 V servers.


With Switched Mode Power Supply Library (SMPS Lib.). you can select and download various basic designs (circuits) of a power supply unit based on your actual requirements in order to verify the behavior of MOSFETs with your simulation environment. ​

After selecting a suitable design, SMPS Lib. allows you to change power MOSFETs and circuit constants. Many designs in SMPS Lib. have a degeneration control circuit that extracts only the necessary functions from the power supply control IC. This can save verification time when choosing the power MOSFET for your simulation environment.​


Function Introduction・Operation Procedure

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