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Cooling simulation model: Expanding the number of Simplified CFD Models for three-dimensional thermal fluid analysis in MOSFETs
Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has created the Simplified CFD Model that is suitable for cooling simulations, focusing on MOSFET, and has started releasing this model.
Toshiba GaN Power device balances performance and ease of use
Suitable for applications of equipment requires power loss reduction and downsizing
High-precision SPICE models that can more accurately simulate the transient characteristics of power devices
Introducing Accu-ROM™, a thermal and noise simulation technology for automotive power semiconductors for MBD (Model Based Development)
Recommended Motor Control Products
Provide system solutions utilizing high-power electronic technology
Open a new door for power supply with Toshiba’s SiC MOSFETs
SiC MOSFETs support downsizing and low-loss power supplies

The Journey of Motor Control


Showcasing Toshiba’s adjacent system building blocks for overall coverage of motor control solutions for Robotics, Industrial and Automotive.

Passion for Power Solutions


We strive providing engineers with highly-integrated power solutions which make designs even more feature rich and efficient.


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