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Application Circuit (Current sensing) of the TLP7820 Isolation Amplifier

Application Block Diagram

Application Block Diagram Click to enlarge
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Applicatoin Circuit Diagram

Applicatoin Circuit Diagram Click to enlarge
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  • Description of TLP7820 signature functions and features, especially common mode transient immunity, nonlenearity feature and low cosumption current
  • Design guide for the typical application circuit, current sensing circuit
  • Operation confirmation by Spice simulation


  • Optically coupled isolation amplifier
  • Common mode noise imunity : 15kV/μs(Min)
  • Low comsumption current : Primary side 8.6mA(typ.), Secondary side 6.2mA(typ.)
  • Thin package(SO8L) contributes flexible PCB design

Reference design files

Design, Document

“Design・Document” contains the documents listed below.

Circuit diagram


Reference guide

Design, File

“Design・File” contains the contents listed below.

Circuit schematic (OrCAD®)

Simulation file (PSpice®)

Toshiba items

Toshiba items
Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
TLP7820 Isolation amplifier signal amplifier・1 Isolation amplifier/Analog output/SO8L


Application Note

Application note
Name Outline Date of issue
This application note provides the definitions of electrical characteristics of isolation amplifiers (analog output: TLP7820 and TLP7920, digital output: TLP7830 and TLP7930), which are a type of photocouplers. 2/2019
This document describes functions and application circuits of the isolation amplifiers products.


Name Outline Date of issue
This document introduces packgae lineups, package outlines and packing specifications of the photocouplers and photorelays. 9/2017


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