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LDO Regulator TCR15AGADJ Application & Circuit

Power supply circuit example

Power supply circuit example Click to enlarge
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Dropout voltage characteristics

Dropout voltage characteristics Click to enlarge
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  • The TCR15AGADJ is available in capable of driving up to 1.5 A, this device is ideal for portable applications that require high-density board assembly such as cellular phones.
  • This voltage regulator is available in adjustable output voltage from 0.6 V to 3.6 V.
  • As small ceramic input and output capacitors can be used with the TCR15AGADJ.


  • Ultra Small package WCSP6F (0.8 mm x 1.2 mm (typ.), t: 0.33 mm (max))
  • Wide range Output Voltage (Fixed Output Voltage 0.65 V to 3.6 V ,Adjustable Output Voltage 0.6 V to 3.6 V)
  • Fast load transient response -100 / +115 mV (typ.)@ 0.01 A⇔1.5 A, COUT = 4.7 μF
  • High Ripple rejection ratio 95 dB (typ.)@1 kHz
  • Overcurrent protection function
  • Thermal shutdown function
  • Auto-discharge function
  • Inrush current reduction function ( output voltage soft start )
  • Under voltage lockout function: 0.5 V (Typ.)

Reference design files

Design, Document

“Design・Document” contains the documents listed below.

Circuit diagram


Reference guide

Design, File

“Design・File” contains the contents listed below.

Circuit schematic (OrCAD®)

Toshiba items

Toshiba items
Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
TCR15AGADJ* LDO Regulator 1 Adjustable Output Voltage 0.6~3.6V、RR=95dB(typ)/WCSP6F

* : New product


Application Note

Application note
Name Outline Date of issue
Describes the Low Drop-Out (LDO) regulator and its basic circuitry followed by precautions to take note of during usage. 12/2012
This document provides the definitions of the terms used in LDO regulator datasheets. 01/2019
Low dropout (LDO) regulators are semiconductor devices that easily generate heat. This application note describes how to maximize the performance of LDO regulators without compromising system safety and reliability. 03/2019
This application note describes application circuits for low dropout (LDO) regulators to maximize the efficiency of the power supplies for MCUs, CMOS image sensors, and RF (Wi-Fi®) circuits atlow voltage and high current. 03/2019


Name Outline Date of issue
Describes the lineups of Small Package(MOSFET/BJT/Diode/Linear IC/Logic/RF Device) 7/2019



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