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Motor Control Circuit for Cordless Power Tool

Circuit diagram
Circuit diagram
Wave form
Wave form


Motor driver for cordless power tools using  low loss element TPH1R204PB within small package. The motor speed is controlled by MCU. Description of circuit design method. 


  • 2 types of drive methods, square wave drive and sine wave drive, are switchable
  • It can control the revolving speed of motor optimally by MCU 
  • TPH1R204PB, that is low power loss and low spike voltage, is used for output elements.
  • 3 shunt type current detector is mounted for PCB, and it can also support sensor-less control. 
  • Protecting function from over current and etc. is mounted. 
  • Standby power reduction circuit operate after a certain period that the motor is not rotating. 
  • It consists of 2 PCBs of a main board and interface board, and contributes to the miniaturization of a power tool.

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Toshiba items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description


Schottky barrier diode

Power section・2

VF=0.40 V (typ.) @IF=500 mA


Switching diode

Input voltage detector・1

VF=0.715 V (max) @IF=1 mA, IR=30 nA (max) @VR=25 V


PNP Power transistor

Standby power reduction circuit・1

VCEO=-50 V, IC=2 A (DC) , IB=-200 mA


NPN Power transistor

Standby power reduction circuit・1

VCEO=120 V, IC=1 A (DC) , IB=100 mA


Transistor for LF amplification

Standby power reduction circuit・1

VCEO=50 V, IC=200 mA (DC) , IB=30 mA


N-ch Power MOSFET

Output section・6

QSW=21 nC (typ.) , QOSS=56 nC (typ.) , RDS(ON)=0.85 mΩ (typ.)



Motor current detector・2

VDD, VSS=7 V , CMVIN=4.1 V (max)


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