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Introduces CPU code simulators, standalone verification tools, etc. A simulator is used together with a compiler.

Introduces the vendors, suppliers and distributors of real-time operating systems (RTOSes), as well as porting services Various RTOSes with unique characteristics are commercially available under various licensing schemes, such as micro ITRON-compliant RTOSes and those widely used throughout the world.

Introduces the licensing and customization services for drivers, protocol stacks and other middleware for USB, Ethernet and other communication protocols Middleware is bundled with RTOSes and tools in various manners.

Introduces various system and solution proposals, as well as platform and software development services Each design house has its own characteristics. Select the one that best suits your needs.

Introduces the board development and prototyping services as well as sales of evaluation kits Starter and evaluation kits are also available from the vendors listed on this web page.

Introduces the vendors and distributors of flash programming tools Both on-board and off-board programmers are available. On-board programming refers to the programming of a microcontroller after it is mounted on the target board. Off-board programming refers to the programing of a microcontroller prior to being mounted on the target board. Many vendors offer unique flash programmers. Select a flash programmer that best suits your intended programming process.

Introduces flash programming services Some companies support the programming of serial numbers. Select a company that meets your requirements.

Introduces seminars for which Arm Ltd. provides teaching materials, as well as hands-on seminars on the tools and solutions from various vendors Select the one that best suits your needs.

Introduces test methodologies and software libraries that can be used to meet the international standard for functional safety developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

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Partner Companies / Function ListADLINKS Corp.Ubiquitous AI CorporationAndor System Support Co., Ltd.Arm Ltd. (KEIL)BITRAN CORPORATIONCATS CO.,LTD.Computex Co.,Ltd.eForce Co., Ltd.Elnec s.r.o.ESP Co., LtdFalcon Denshi K.K.GAIA System Solutions Inc.GAIO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.GRAPE SYSTEMS INC.Green Hills Software/Advanced Data Controls Corp. HI-LO SYSTEMS RESEARCH CO.,LTDIAR Systems ABKYOCERA CorporationiFORCOM KYOEI Co.,Ltd.Kyoto Microcomputer Co.,Ltd.Lauterbach Japan Ltd.SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH & Co. KGSohwa & Sophia Technologies Inc.MICROTEK Inc.Minato Advanced Technologies Inc. Technohands Co., Ltd.Techno Mathematical Co.,Ltd.Tokyo Eletech CorporationTOA ELECTRONICS, Inc. Flash Support Group Company TOSHIBA INFORMATION SYSTEMES (JAPAN) CORPORATIONSORD CORPORATIONUbiquitous Computing Technology CorporationVAMOSDTS Insight CorporationZLG (GUANGZHOU ZHIYUAN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD) Xeltek Inc.P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc.Dediprog Technology Co., Ltd


    MINATO ELECTRONICS INC. developed the first "device programmer" in Japan when PROM first came on the market. Since then, the company has been occupying the leading position in the programmer field. Its product line includes not only programmers but also auto programming equipment and exchange adapters for a wide variety of packages to meet various programming needs of customers. MINATO's programmers support the ARM-based TX03 series, as well as the TX19, TLCS-900, and TLCS-870 Families. Programming services using these products are also available.

    Product Introduction
    Category Product name MCU
    FLASH programmer/Writer Device programmer
    GANG programmer
    Toshiba's Flash microcontrollers
    Business Information
    Category MCU
    FLASH programming service Toshiba's Flash microcontrollers
    * All brand names and product names are trademark or registered trademark of their respective companies. Information contained herein might be changed or updated without notice.

    The programming solution by a device programmer
    * All brand names and product names are trademark or registered trademark of their respective companies. Information contained herein might be changed or updated without notice.

      For detailed information, visit MINATO ELECTRONICS INC.

  • WUXI TOUCH-UNION Technologies CO., LTD

    Wuxi Touch-Union Technologies wurde im Sep 2014 gegründet und übernahm die Programmiersparte von Shanghai Genyan Electronic, dem Drittanbieter-Partner bei Programmiererwerkzeugen von Toshiba. Touch-Union wird die Entwicklung der MCU-Programmiererwerkzeuge fortsetzen und den von Genyan Elektronics gestarteten Programmiererdienst bereitstellen. Touch-Union ist ein neues Entwicklerunternehmen, das auf Basis der Toshiba-MCU die Controllerentwicklung inklusive Hardware und Firmware sowie die PCBA-Produktion mit unserem Partner bereitstellt. Wir beschäftigen Hardware- und Firmware-Techniker mit mehr als 10 Jahren Berufserfahrung. Wir bieten spezielle Kundenprodukte wie LCD-Touch-Bildschirme an (wir können Menü und Kommunikation für einen speziellen Kunden entwickeln), Bluetooth-Modul (Klassen 2.0 und BLE 4.0 auf Toshiba-Bluetooth-IC-Basis), die Entwicklung weiterer Controller ist in Planung.

    Product Introduction
    Category Product name MCU
    FLASH programmer/Writer GT-PRO-OTP
    TLCS-900/H1 Series
    TLCS-900/L1 Series
    TLCS-870/C1 Series
    TLCS-870/X Series
    TLCS-870/C Series


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