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The information presented in this cross reference is based on TOSHIBA's selection criteria and should be treated as a suggestion only. Please carefully review the latest versions of all relevant information on the TOSHIBA products, including without limitation data sheets and validate all operating parameters of the TOSHIBA products to ensure that the suggested TOSHIBA products are truly compatible with your design and application.
Please note that this cross reference is based on TOSHIBA's estimate of compatibility with other manufacturers' products, based on other manufacturers' published data, at the time the data was collected.
TOSHIBA is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information. Information is subject to change at any time without notice.

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  IDE/Compiler Debugger Simulator OS Middleware Software development/SI Board/Evaluation kit FLASH programmer/Writer FLASH programming service Teaching Materials/Seminar Functional Safety Electronic component
* FLASH programmer/Writer
ON : ON board Writing
OFF : OFF board Writing

Categorization by function


Introduces the vendors, suppliers and distributors of integrated development environments (IDEs) and compilers. Some companies lend versatile and reliable IDEs/compilers free of charge.


Introduces the vendors and distributors of debugger software, JTAG in-circuit emulators (ICEs) and other tools Many tools have their own unique features. Select the one that best suits your development and evaluation needs.


Introduces CPU code simulators, standalone verification tools, etc. A simulator is used together with a compiler.


Introduces the vendors, suppliers and distributors of real-time operating systems (RTOSes), as well as porting services Various RTOSes with unique characteristics are commercially available under various licensing schemes, such as micro ITRON-compliant RTOSes and those widely used throughout the world.


Introduces the licensing and customization services for drivers, protocol stacks and other middleware for USB, Ethernet and other communication protocols Middleware is bundled with RTOSes and tools in various manners.

Software development/SI

Introduces various system and solution proposals, as well as platform and software development services Each design house has its own characteristics. Select the one that best suits your needs.

Board/Evaluation kit

Introduces the board development and prototyping services as well as sales of evaluation kits Starter and evaluation kits are also available from the vendors listed on this web page.

FLASH programmer/Writer

Introduces the vendors and distributors of flash programming tools Both on-board and off-board programmers are available. On-board programming refers to the programming of a microcontroller after it is mounted on the target board. Off-board programming refers to the programing of a microcontroller prior to being mounted on the target board. Many vendors offer unique flash programmers. Select a flash programmer that best suits your intended programming process.

FLASH programming service

Introduces flash programming services Some companies support the programming of serial numbers. Select a company that meets your requirements.

Teaching Materials/Seminar

Introduces seminars for which Arm Ltd. provides teaching materials, as well as hands-on seminars on the tools and solutions from various vendors Select the one that best suits your needs.

Functional Safety

Introduces test methodologies and software libraries that can be used to meet the international standard for functional safety developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

Electronic component


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