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Photovoltaic-Output Photocoupler and MOSFET as Replacement for Mechanical Relay

HVAC application

HVAC application Click to enlarge
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Application circuit diagram

Application circuit diagram Click to enlarge
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  • Solid state relay circuit that phptovoltaic coupler drives power MOSFET directly.
  • Introduction of 5 A DC relay application example.
  • Design guidance of solid state relay as replacement of mechanical relay.


  • Solid state relay acheives "longer life", "higher reliability", and "more silence" compared with mechanical relay
  • Photovoltaic coupler : TLP3906

Reference design files

Design, Document

“Design・Document” contains the documents listed below.


Design guide

Toshiba items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
TLP3906 Photocaoupler Driving MOSFET・1 VOC=7V(Min)/ISC=12μA(Min)/BVS=3750V(Min)/Creepage distance=5.0mm(Min)/SO6
TPH1R306PL MOSFET Current flow line・1 U-MOSIX-H/60V/1.3mΩ(Max)@VGS=10V/SOP Advance


Application Note


Name Date
Selection Guide Photocoupler 2019(PDF:6.8MB) 01/2019



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