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Andor System Support Co., Ltd.

Andor System Support Co., Ltd. is one of the training centers certified by Arm Ltd. Our seminars of TX03 and TX09 series are so effective for engineers who develop the systems or consider using them.
And as an embedded system integrator Toshiba accept customized development of either hardware or software design using TX03 and TX09 series. Our rich experiences and great performance support you at every development stage such as system design, integration, and maintenance.
Our boundary scan test system is a tool to do test and on-board programming which needs only 5 signal pins. It is one of the best solutions to test high-density print-circuit boards on which BGA-package devices, etc are mounted. It achieves the test and on-board programming at all stages including sample development stage and mass production one.

Product Introduction
Category Product name MCU
Boundary Scan Test
FLASH programmer/Writer
JTAG ProVision
ProVision Designer station
TX03 and TX09 series with function of Boundary Scan Test
Business Information
Category Detailed information MCU
Teaching Materials/Seminar Cortex®-M3 Software Design Course certified by Arm (3 days) TX03 series
TX09 series
Software development/SI Customized development of software and hardware TX03 series
TX09 series
FLASH programming service TX03 series
TX09 series

Boundary Scan Test System by JTAG Technologies

JTAG ProVision

This tool can detect instantly failure portions of solder errors and pattern errors. The machine cost is in the lowest level because only 5 pins are necessary for the test. The test codes are generated automatically by following its wizards, so preparation for the test can be completed while the target board is under production.


JTAG ProVision


JTAG ProVision components
JTAG ProVision This tool generates test codes from a circuit net list and information in BSDL file, and executes the test.
Boundary Scan Controller This is a hardware which tests a target board and does on-board programming.
Failure Analysis Software / Visualizer This tool identifies an error status such as open, short-circuits, etc. for the failure pins or the failure nets, and also highlights the failure portions on the circuit diagram and the board layout.
On-board Programming for Flash Memory and cPLD This tool generates automatically control programs to write Flash memories (also available for embedded Flash Memories) and cPLDs.
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