DC-DC converter circuit (non-isolated buck type)

Example of non-isolated step-down DC-DC converter

Boost / Downconverter


U-MOS Series 40 V N-ch MOSFET

Part number Rated drain current [A]

On-resistance (Max)

[mΩ] @VGS = 10 V

XPN3R804NC 40 3.8 TSON Advance(WF)
TK1R4S04PB 120 1.35 DPAK+
XPHR7904PS 150  0.79 SOP Advance(WF)
TPWR7904PB 150 0.79 DSOP Advance(WF)L
XPJR6604PB* (200) (0.66) S-TOGLTM
XPQR3004PB 400 0.30 L-TOGLTM

*: Under development (Values enclosed in parentheses are tentative specifications. Specifications are subject to change without notice.)


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