MCU Motor Studio 3.0

Provision of new position estimation control technology to simplify the Field Oriented Control of motors
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MCU Motor Studio is a software composed of Toshiba TXZ+™ Advanced Class Microcontroller dedicated motor control PC tool and motor control firmware. We have added support for a new position estimation control that simplifies the adjustment during the evaluation of Field Oriented Control motors.


The PC Tool allows motor parameter configuration, drive control, real-time logging and diagnostics via high-speed UART. The motor control firmware is scalable, fully configurable and supports the special motor functions of the Family Advanced Class TXZ+™ M4K Group and M3H Group. MCU Motor Studio together with the Clicker 4 MCU board and the Clicker 4 Inverter Shield from MikroElektronika (MIKROE) allows quick and easy MCU evaluation, BLDC motor application development and prototyping.


  • Achieve the highest efficiency by  Field Oriented Control (Vector Control)
  • Quick start-up and configuration of BLDC motors
  • Performance tuning by real-time data logging & diagnostics
  • 1-shunt & sensorless options can lead to system cost reductions
  • Scalable firmware, easy to adapt to Toshiba motor MCUs and boards
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Name Date

Motor Control PC Tool


  • Connect to MCU with USB only
  • Set motor control parameters on GUI (with the initial parameters of MIKROE-4455)
  • Parameter communication with MCU (download/upload)

Main Features

  • Dynamic Modification of Motor Parameters, System Settings, and PI Control Parameters
    (Without Requiring Firmware Rebuild)
  • Logging various parameters during motor operation
    (Digital Storage Oscilloscope function)
  • Real-time Monitoring of Speed, Torque, Current, Motor Control State
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Motor Control Firmware

Motor Drive Method

  • Achieving high-efficiency motor drive through field-oriented control
    (Toshiba Vector Engine / Software Vector Engine)

Main Features

  • Control Scheme:Speed/Position
  • Current Detection:1-Shunt /3-Shunt
  • PWM Frequency:8kHz to 24kHz
  • Flux observer based position estimation for sensorless control
  • Field weakening control enables high-speed operation of the motor
  • Protection:Over Current/Stall/Over and Under Voltage/Motor Disconnection
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Motor Parameter Tuning Tool

Motor Tuning Studio Ver. 1.0

is an easy-to-use, all-in-one profiling and parameter optimization solution featuring firmware and a PC-based tool. It allows for automatic motor parameter measurement such as phase resistance, phase inductance, moment of inertia, as well as automatic tuning and optimization of the proportional-integral regulator gains for speed, current, and position.

  • Easily derive initial parameters from the motor and start the evaluation(*)
    * If you wish to use the tool, please contact your sales representative.
Image of Motor Palameter Tuning Tool

Evaluation Kit

Clicker 4 for TMPM4K (MIKROE-4912)
/ Clicker 4 for TMPM3H (MIKROE-5788)

  • Development board with an on-board debugger
  • Four mikroBUS sockets for Click boards

Clicker 4 Inverter Shield (MIKROE-5134)

  • Extension for Clicker 4 series boards
  • 3-phase inverter for driving 3-phase brushless DC motors 

BLDC Motor (MIKROE-4455)

  • 24 VDC, 4000 RPM BLDC motor with hall sensors
Image of Evaluation Kit

Movie Guide: The way to use MCU Motor Studio


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