Load Switch IC TCK321G, TCK322G, TCK323G Application & Circuit

This reference design provides document with input selection characteristics. The load switch has small package and low on resistance suitable for battery charging application.

Battery charger circuit of load switch IC TCK321G, TCK322G, TCK323G application & circuit.
Battery charger circuit
Waveforms in manual selection mode of load switch IC TCK321G, TCK322G, TCK323G application & circuit.
Waveforms in Manual Selection mode


  • Operation and application of break-before-make switches designed for safe input selection
  • Main switches in battery charging and other applications for smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and other mobile devices having multiple charging options


  • Small package: 0.5 mm pitch WCSP16C (1.9 mm x 1.9 mm, t: 0.5 mm (typ.)), PD = 1.65 W
  • High input voltage: VIN (Max) = 36 V
  • High output current: IOUT (DC) = 2.0 A, per channel
  • Low ON resistance : RON = 98 mΩ (typ.) at VIN = 4.5 V, IOUT = - 1.0 A
  • Over voltage lockout function: 12.0 V at 321G, 15.0 V at 322G, 323G (typ.)
  • Under voltage lockout function: 2.9 V (typ.)
  • Auto select mode: a function that IC outputs regular input voltage automatically after judging whether a regular voltage of VINA or VINB.
  • Manual select mode: a function that is selected by VSEL to output voltage.
  • FLAG output
  • FLAG function at Auto select mode: FLAG signal is output the Low level VINA or VINB is selected. (VINA at 321G/322G, VINB at 323G)
  • FLAG function at Manual select mode: FLAG signal is output the Low level when VINA or VINB is out of regular voltage.
  • Reverse current blocking per channel (switch off state)
  • Inrush current reducing circuit
  • Thermal shutdown circuit

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Toshiba items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
TCK32xG* Load Switch IC 1 VIN=2.3~28V/Inrush current reduction/Slew rate control/WCSP9
DF2S23P2CTC* TVS Diode 1 VESD ±30kV(max)/IPP=14A(max)/VBR=24.1V(typ)/CST2C
* : New product


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