Package lineup

Package lineup
  • Abundant lineup   
  • Low power consumption realized by using DMOS process
  • Variable packages optimizes to customer needs  

You can choose a package that best suits your needs.

Package Typical Part Number Features
DIP DIP16-P-300-2.54A
TBD62xxxAPG Hole-through; popular for hobby, amusement and industrial applications
SOP SOP16-P-225-1.27 TBD62xxxAFG Surface-mount
SSOP16-P-225-0.65B TBD62xxxAFNG Surface-mount (0.65-mm lead pitch), shrink package
SOL P-SOP16-0410-1.27-002 TBD62xxxAFWG

Surface-mount, high efficiency
High-Current Type HSOP
HSOP16-P-300-1.00 TBD62xxxAFG Surface-mount, high current, thermal fin
P-SSOP24-0613-1.00-001 TBD62xxxAFAG Surface-mount (1.00-mm lead pitch), high current
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