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P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc.

PEmicro provides embedded systems tools, including debug probes and in-circuit flash programmers, for Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage's TX00/03/04 devices. PEmicro developed and marketed the first general purpose EPROM programmer in 1981 and has been an industry trendsetter since. Our Cyclone production programmers are stand-alone, in-circuit programmers that offer high-performance, are easy to configure, and feature versatile control and automation options. Our Multilink debug probes offer a range of performance levels, represent an excellent value, and are supported by a broad range of PEmicro and industry standard software.

Category Product Name MCU
Debugger Multilink ACP
Multilink Universal
Multilink Universal FX
TX00 Series
TX03 Series
TX04 Series
Flash Programmer/Writer Cyclone ACP
Cyclone Universal
Cyclone ACP FX
Cyclone Universal FX
TX00 Series
TX03 Series
TX04 Series


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