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DSOP Advance: high power density MOSFETs in a small package

Low-voltage power MOSFETs are used as main switching devices in power supply systems. The power density of these systems is increasing continuously. In order to reduce the system volume and power loss, a significant improvement of the package heat radiation of the MOSFETs is necessary.

To meet this demand, a new MOSFET package called DSOP Advance (Dual Side Cooling SOP 5x6mm) has been developed. Details of the new package were presented in a paper during PCIM 2014 in Nuremburg in May. This device features an innovative thermal conductance with dual side cooling realized by using a Copper (Cu) plate on the bottom and on the top package surface. Compared with the single side cooling package structure, the thermal resistance (Rth) could be reduced by 26% and the avalanche energy could increase as well due to the thermal conductance improvement.

DSOP Advance: high power density MOSFETs in a small package

The excellent thermal resistance of these DSOP Advance packages enables a reduction of the size of external radiating fins. Such devices will contribute to reducing system volume and increasing system power density. DSOP Advance package adopts only one integrated connector. So, there are no additional interfacial thermal and electrical resistances. In addition, low manufacturing costs can be delivered due to the reduction of the number of components.

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