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DSOP Advance: Addressing the fundamentals of heat in power systems

Heat is always a challenge in power design. Many solutions are in use, both solid-state (heatsinks, heat-pipes) and air moving devices such as fans. All of these add size, complexity and cost to the system - exactly what today's typical power designer is looking to avoid.

The ideal solution to heat management in any power system is to minimize heat generation in the first place. If this can be achieved at the core of the system (the switching MOSFET) then additional benefits such as reduced system size, reduced power loss and better efficiency quickly follow.

Toshiba has developed a new MOSFET package called DSOP Advance (Dual Side Cooling SOP 5x6mm). This device features an innovative thermal conductance method with dual side cooling realized by using a Copper (Cu) plate on the bottom and on the top package surface. The fully integrated connector removes interfacial (thermal) resistance within the package and provides a direct thermal path to the package surface on two sides.


The Cu connector in DSOP Advance brings electrical benefits as well. When combined with the latest generation (UMOSIX-H) chip the package delivers best in class RDS(ON) - which further reduces heat generation and power loss and increases efficiency.

To learn more about the DSOP Advance package and how its use can help reduce the thermal challenges of device design, please click here.

Download the paper to learn more about innovative thermal conductance solutions for Power-MOSFETs

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