In developing your designs, please ensure the datasheet.

Lead-forming type
DIP8 | DIP8(LF1) | DIP8(LF2) | DIP8(LF4) | DIP8(LF5)
Toshiba Package Code 11-10C405S
Mounting Surface Mount
Pins 8
3D Model STEP
Package Dimensions (mm)
Land pattern dimensions for
reference only (mm)

Packing Method Embossed Tape / Tube Packaging
Packing Name TP5
Minimum Quantity 1500 pcs/Reel
Tape Width (mm) 16
Tape Dimensions (mm)
Reel Dimensions (mm)

Minimum Quantity 50 pcs/Tube
Tube Dimensions (mm)

Download package data for CAD tool, such as 3D model data in STEP format and reference land pattern data designed following JEITA ET-7501 Level3.

  • 3D model(.stp): 3D model Data in STEP Format
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