TPD4162F Square-Wave Control Type BLDC Motor Drive Circuit

The square-wave control type brushless DC motor driver using TPD4162F in compact pakage. The design method of circuit and PCB such as calculation of constants, is described.

Circuit diagram of TPD4162F square-wave control type BLDC motor drive circuit.
Circuit diagram
Wave form of TPD4162F square-wave control type BLDC motor drive circuit.
Wave form


  • The square-wave control type brushless DC motor drive circuit within high-voltage PWM controlled motor driver IC TPD4162F.
  • Power loss is reduced, and efficiencies is improved by new high breakdown-voltage SOI-process.
  • TPD4162F has a function that enables high-speed protection from over current, in addition to conventional current limiting function.
  • The compact package HSSOP31 contributes miniaturization of printed circuit board.


  • High voltage power side and low voltage signal side terminal are separated.
  • Bootstrap circuits give simple high-side supply.
  • Bootstrap diodes are built-in.
  • PWM and 3-phase decode circuit are built-in.
  • Selectable pulse-per-revolution output of 3 pulses or 1 pulse
  • 3-phase bridge output using IGBTs
  • FRDs are built-in.
  • Included over-current and current limit and under-voltage protection, and thermal shutdown.
  • Compatible with Hall element input and Hall IC input.
  • Compact package: HSSOP31 (11.93 mm × 17.5 mm × 2.2 mm)

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IBB = 0.5 mA (max)/ICC = 1.5 mA (max)/HSSOP31
SSM3K56MFV MOSFET 1 VDSS = 20 V/RDS(ON) = 235 mΩ @VGS = 4.5 V (max)/VESM


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