Logic Circuit: 3 State Buffer (2)

3 state buffer (Bidirection)
3 state buffer (Bidirection)

This circuit is used when sending bidirectional signals with one signal line.

By configuring the circuit in this way and switching the control signal from "0" to "1" or from "1" to "0", the direction of the signal can be switched.

Chapter 1 Basics of Digital Circuits

Digital Value
Digital Value: Binary and Decimal
Digital Value: Units of Binary Data
Digital Value: Notation Method of Data
Digital Value: Conversion Method of the Data
Logic Circuit
Logic Circuit: AND Circuit
Logic Circuit: OR Circuit
Logic Circuit: NOT Circuit
Logic Circuit: Exclusive OR (XOR) Circuit
Logic Circuit: 3 State Buffer (1)
Logic Circuit: Application Example of Logic Circuits
Logic Circuit: RS flip-flop Circuit
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