What is the maximum rating listed in the MOSFET data sheet?

Absolute maximum rating is a standard that, even instantaneously, must not exceed the rated value during operation. It should be noted that the circuit is designed so as not to deviate from the absolute maximum rating under any conditions. If the rated value is exceeded, the characteristics may not recover.

The maximum allowable values such as the current that can flow through MOSFET, the voltage that can be applied, and the power dissipation are defined as the maximum rated values. When designing a circuit, pay attention to fluctuations in supply voltage, fluctuations in characteristics of electrical parts, maximum ratings exceeded during circuit adjustment, changes in ambient temperature, fluctuations in input signals, etc. and it is necessary to avoid exceeding even one of the ratings. Please select the appropriate device for your application.

Reliability also varies greatly depending on the absolute maximum rating and the degree of derating even within the operating range.
Please refer to the below link destinations for derating information.

(Items specified may vary depending on the product. Unless otherwise specified, Ta=25°C.)





Drain-source voltage VDSS V The maximum voltage allowed between the drain and source with the gate and source shorted.
Gate-source voltage VGSS V The maximum voltage allowed between the gate and source with the drain and source shorted.
Drain current DC ID A The maximum DC current allowed for the drain source.
Pulse IDP The maximum peak value of drain current allowed in pulse operation.
Allowable loss (Tc=25°C)



The max. dissipation allowed for MOSFET.

Avalanche current IAS A The maximum peak current (non-repetitive) allowed in the avalanche state.
Avalanche energy



Maximum allowable loss energy at avalanche breakdown (non-repetitive).

Channel temperature



The max. tip temp. allowed for MOSFET operation.

Storage temperature



Max. temp. value that can be stored without applying voltage to MOSFET.

Dielectric strength VISO(RMS) V The maximum value of the dielectric strength between the specified case part of the package and the electrode terminal.
Tightening torque TOR N•m This is the maximum value of the force to turn in the rotational direction when tightening the screw.

Table 1: Example of absolute maximum ratings

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