What should I pay attention to when mounting a MOSFET?

Please pay attention to the following points when mounting a MOSFET on a PCB.

【Surface-mount devices】

  1. The mounting method differs according to factors such as chip size and frame design, even for the same package type.
  2. When cleaning circuit boards to remove flux, make sure that no reactive ions such as sodium or chlorine remain. If such devices are not cleaned, flux may cause minute leakage between leads or migration, depending on the flux grade.
  3. When applying a moisture-proof coating on the board, please choose the coating resin that causes minimal stress to the device.


【Lead Insertion Devices】

  1. When attaching the product to the heat sink with screws, tighten within the specified torque value.
  2. The surface of the heat sink to which the product is mounted should be flat and free from burrs and irregularities.
  3. When using silicone grease to reduce contact thermal resistance with the heat sink, use nonvolatile silicone grease.
  4. Depending on the type of silicone grease, the base oil may penetrate into the product and significantly reduce the lifetime of the device.

Please contact our sales office for detailed product data.
For details, please refer to the following documents.
Document title “Reliability Information/General Usage Considerations/Mounting”

Thermal Design and Attachment of a Thermal Fin: Power MOSFET Application Notes (PDF:1,061KB)

Please pay attention to the following points when evaluating and inspecting the MOSFET.

【When inspecting and evaluating products】

  1. The relative humidity should be kept at 40 to 70% as a guide.
  2. Operators must wear anti-static clothing and conductive shoes and a wrist strap grounded to earth via a resistor. (Resistance between surface and earth when worn: 7.5 × 105 to 3.5 × 107 Ω)
  3. Be sure that all equipment such as jigs and tools installed in the work area is grounded.
  4. Please ground the floor in the work area with a conductive mat etc. (Resistance between the floor surface and ground: 1 x 109 Ω or less)
  5. Please ground the surface of the work table with a conductive mat. (Resistance between surface and ground: 7.5 x 105 to 1 x 109 Ω)
  6. When using automated equipment, please use anti-static with ionizer and use conductive rubber for product vacuum.

For details, refer to the following document.
Document title “Reliability Information/General Usage Considerations/From Incoming to Shipping”

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