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110°C Operation Guaranteed, High-capacity Compact Photorelay

Contributes to Downsizing, and Long-life of the Load Control Unit

In recent years, in factory automation (FA) systems of various production processes, improving capacity utilization and safety, increasing production efficiency, miniaturization, maintenance-free are required. For those reasons, the load control portion of equipment is also required to have a longer lifetime, smaller size, and there has been increasing opportunities of adopting photorelays instead of traditional mechanical relays. Also, high-temperature operation is required for photorelays, since the equipment becomes more compact, heat dissipation design becomes more difficult.

We have prepared TLP3106A / TLP3107A / TLP3109A, having 110degC (Max) operation temperature, to meet these demands. Compared to existing products, higher temperature operation and higher capacity are available, contributing to the suppression of heat generation and the miniaturization of the equipment inside the load control unit.

Refer to following link for the details of replacement from mechanical relay and concerning points for circuit design with photorelay.

Product Features

  • Expanded Operating Temperature up to 110°C (Max)
  • Lineup of 3 products that can be selected according to the load voltage
    On-state current/OFF-state voltage: 4.5A/30V, 4A/60V, 3A/100V
  • Adopting compact and surface mount package, 2.54SOP6. Contributes to reduction of board area
  • PSpice®, LTspice®* models are available on the website.

* LTspice® is a simulation-software and registered trademark of ADI Inc. (Analog Devices, Inc.).

Expansion of rating and derating

Expansion of rating and derating

Here is the comparison of ION – Ta derating with existing products. Photorelays are also required high-temperature operation because of application trends of higher temperature operation and miniaturization. The maximum temperature was 85°C for the existing products. TLP3106A / TLP3107A / TLP3109A extend the maximum temperature up to 110°C, also extend ION rating much higher than existings, so large current can be controlled even at high temperatures. 

The main characteristics of the product are shown below.
You can also purchase samples from the stock checking button, so please utilize it.

Product name








(Width×Length×Height mm)


PDF (315 KB)

PDF (314 KB)

PDF (310 KB)


ZIP (4 KB) PSpice

ZIP (4 KB) PSpice ZIP (4 KB) PSpice


ZIP (8 KB) LTspice ZIP (8 KB) LTspice ZIP (8 KB) LTspice

Key characteristics

On-state current

ION[A] Max




On-state current (Pulse)

IONP*[A] Max




Off-state voltage





On-state resistance

RON[mΩ] Typ./Max




Operating temperature

Topr[℃] Min to Max

-40 to 110

-40 to 110

-40 to 110

* IONP condition; t=100ms, Duty=1/10, Ta ≤ 25°C


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