M310 Group Sample Software

This page provides a sample software download service for the M310 group.

Function list

Function list for sample software.

Sample Software/Function Description Product Name
Analog/Digital Converter
DSADC Example of checking the DSADC status and reading the result V
I/O port GPIO Usage example of Port using LEDs and KEYs V
Synchronized serial interface SSP This is a sample software to show data received by UART using SSP and UART peripheral drivers. Data are checked and if the received data are the same as the sent data, LED2 and LED3 turn on and if they are not the same, LED0 and LED1 turn off. V
Temperature Sensor TEMP This is a simple example to show MCU's measurement of a relative temperature using a temperature sensor. V
Simple 16-bit timer TMR16A Example of timer interrupt that runs every 500 ms V
16-bit timer TMRB Example of timer interrupt that runs every 500 ms
Output example of duty-variable PPG (programmable square wave)
Serial channel SIO/UART Example of UART configuration and transmission V
μDMA controller uDMAC Example of DMAC settings and data transfer between the memories V
Watchdog timer WDT Example of the detection time and the processing after the detection for watchdog timer V


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