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Role of HV-IPD Technology in Boosting Efficiency of Modern Household Appliances for a More Energy Aware Society

Role of HV-IPD Technology in Boosting Efficiency of Modern Household Appliances for a More Energy Aware Society

Where as in the past it was aspects like the external aesthetics or the retail cost that would influence purchasing decisions when it came to household appliances (such as refrigerators, dish washers, washing machines, etc.), now it is the energy rating that often proves to be the overriding priority. Thanks to the introduction of the EU Energy Label program, consumers have become more aware of the reduced running costs that installing more energy efficient appliances, with variable speed operation, will bring - thereby allowing them to curb their utility bills. In addition, several other plus points are making such units more appealing than outdated fixed-speed alternatives - in particular improved reliability (with extended functional lifespans being derived, which equate to longer periods of time before these appliances need replacement) plus lower noise being experienced while they are running.

The implementation of brush-less DC (BLDC) motor technology has been instrumental in bringing appliances to market that are able to gain elevated energy ratings, as well as enabling the other benefits outlined, while also ensuring that an acceptable price tag is possible. The next generation of appliances will rely increasingly on the incorporation of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) to enhance operational performance still further. Compact high voltage intelligent power devices (HV-IPDs) are now emerging. Incorporating numerous high voltage MOSFET dies, these sophisticated devices are showing themselves to be a very effective foundation on which to build PMSM control systems. Not only do they deliver the efficiency and reliability characteristics now being demanded by today’s better informed consumers, but also possess the inherent degree of design flexibility that will help OEMs’ engineers to expedite the implementation process.

To find out more about Toshiba’s industry-leading HV-IPD technology you can download a white paper on the subject by visiting:

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