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TPD4162F Square-Wave Control Type BLDC Motor Drive Circuit

Circuit diagram
Circuit diagram
Wave form
Wave form


  • The square-wave control type brushless DC motor drive circuit within high-voltage PWM controlled motor driver IC TPD4162F.
  • Power loss is reduced, and efficiencies is improved by new high breakdown-voltage SOI-process.
  • TPD4162F has a function that enables high-speed protection from over current, in addition to conventional current limiting function.
  • The compact package HSSOP31 contributes miniaturization of printed circuit board.


  • High voltage power side and low voltage signal side terminal are separated.
  • Bootstrap circuits give simple high-side supply.
  • Bootstrap diodes are built-in.
  • PWM and 3-phase decode circuit are built-in.
  • Selectable pulse-per-revolution output of 3 pulses or 1 pulse
  • 3-phase bridge output using IGBTs
  • FRDs are built-in.
  • Included over-current and current limit and under-voltage protection, and thermal shutdown.
  • Compatible with Hall element input and Hall IC input.
  • Compact package: HSSOP31 (11.93 mm × 17.5 mm × 2.2 mm)

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IBB = 0.5 mA (max)/ICC = 1.5 mA (max)/HSSOP31
SSM3K56MFV MOSFET 1 VDSS = 20 V/RDS(ON) = 235 mΩ @VGS = 4.5 V (max)/VESM


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