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Reduction of Loss by the Latest High-breakdown-voltage SOI Processes

Reduction of Loss by the Latest high-breakdown-voltage SOI Process

Monolithic square-wave drive products employ the latest high-breakdown-voltage SOI (Silicon On Insulator) processes. The power IC chip is equipped with a 600-V IGBT, free-wheeling diode (FWD), and control circuits. The power IC chip is mounted on a package (HSSOP31) compatible with low-thermal-resistance exposed pads (E-Pad). A small number of peripheral components can drive a small, highly efficient brushless motor. In the latest products, switching losses are reduced, thereby improving the efficiency by about 0.3 W compared with the efficiency of conventional products.

The latest products adopt the latest high-breakdown-voltage SOI processes to reduce switching losses and improve efficiency by about 0.3 W (@input power = 40 W) compared with conventional products.

In addition to the conventional current limiting function, we have also added an overcurrent protection function to improve the safety of system failures, such as when the motor is locked. A Hall element can be used as a sensor for detecting the position of the rotor, which helps reduce the cost of the system.

Monolithic 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver ICs


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