I/O Expander ICs

I/O Expander can easily expand the functions such as GPIOs, Keypads, LED controls and timers to the exsiting systems.


Part Number
Package Dimensions

Features Up to 24 GPIO pins; on-chip RC oscillation Up to 24 GPIO pins; on-chip RC oscillation
Power Suppy 1.62-3.6 V 1.62-3.6 V
Package BGA
(36 pins)
(44 pins)
Status Mass Production Mass Production

Product feature

I/O Expander Example
I/O Expander Example
  • Low-power operation
  • I2C interface; Max. 8×12 key matrix; PWM timer; general-purpose I/O pins (GPIO)
  • Up to 24 general-purpose I/O pins

When working with multiple systems it's important to have control over the multiple signals being used. Most often, signals will need to be translated in order to enact commands and tasks on the receiving end. In order to accomplish these tasks an I/O expander is required for full usage of systems. Toshiba I/O Expander ICs provide a simple, flexible option to increase functionality and allow for the control of multiple peripheral signals. The Toshiba I/O Expander LSI has I2C bus slave for host interface, PWM/Timer control, GPIO control and key matrix control. The component requires low power operation and has up to 24 general purpose I/O pins.

Features Include:
- Selectable input or output port
- Selectable pull-up or pull-down / connecting or non-connecting resistor
- Selectable drive current
- Support special function keys and dedicated keys
- Internal oscillator for system clock
- Sleep mode for reducing of power consumption

Toshiba I/O Expander IC provides a simple and efficient solution to control a wide range of peripheral signals. With easy to use features and eco friendly, energy saving components Toshiba manufactures an I/O expander useable for various applications to make your projects simpler and easy to control.


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