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Automotive Ethernet can save weight and reduce cost of vehicle cable harness

Modern automobiles now contain so much technology, they can be thought of as mobile computing systems. However, connecting between the multiple sensors, modules and controllers using the traditional method of a wiring harness is causing engineers some challenges – not least that only the engine and chassis weigh more than the wiring harness.

Ethernet has been in consideration as an option for a long time. It provides a suitable topology for automotive applications and more than enough bandwidth. Unfortunately, a lack of support for guaranteeing latency or performing traffic shaping, along with electromagnetic-compatibility challenges, meant that the existing Ethernet technology could not be imported into the vehicle without some significant modifications.

Toshiba has produced a white paper where you can learn about:

  • Background to Automotive Ethernet
  • Ethernet AVB/TSN applications within the vehicle
  • Implementing Ethernet AVB/TSN in the vehicle

Simply fill out the form below to request your free whitepaper:

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