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Application Circuits of TPD4151F Square-Wave Control Type of BLDC Motor Driver

Application Block Diagram

Application Block Diagram Click to enlarge
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Applicatoin Circuit Diagram

Applicatoin Circuit Diagram Click to enlarge
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  • Description of control method of BLDC motor drive(square-wave control type and sine-wave control type)
  • Application circuit example of BLDC motor dirve with TPD4151F
  • Design guide of using both a hall sendor and hall IC


  • The TPD4151F can drive a BLDC motor directly without a PWN cotroller IC because of built-in a PWM circuit, a three-phase distribution circuit, high-side/low-side gate drivers, and output IGBT/FRD.  
  • Suitable for AC200V main applications because of integrated 250V IGBT and FRD
  • Bulit-in an over temperature protecton circuit and an undervoltage protection circuit help to simplify board design

Reference design files

Design, Document

“Design・Document” contains the documents listed below.

Circuit diagram-1, Circuit diagram-2


Reference guide

Design, File

“Design・File” contains the contents listed below.

Circuit schematic (OrCAD®)


Application Note

Application note
Name Outline Date of issue
This document describes specification, function, characteristic, package outside dimension and the notes of use ofTPD414 series products, TOSHIBA High voltage intelligent power device. 7/2018


Name Outline Date of issue
Describes the lineups of Toshiba semiconductor products suitable for motor control applications. 7/2018



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