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Example of stepping motor drive circuit using MCD (controller)

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Stepping motor & Brushed DC motor driver

Part number TC78H621FNG TC78H660FNG TC78H660FTG
VM [V] 18 18 18
IOUT [A] 1.1 2.0 2.0
Ron (upper and lower sum) (Typ.) [Ω] 0.8 0.48 0.48
Control interface PHASE input IN/PHASE inputs IN/PHASE inputs
Step 2phase/1-2phase excitation 2phase/1-2phase excitation 2phase/1-2phase excitation
Motor power supply voltage 2.5 V (Min) 2.5 V (Min)
RS resister less
2.5 V (Min)
RS resister less
Error detection function ISD, TSD, UVLO ISD, TSD, UVLO ISD, TSD, UVLO
Package P-TSSOP16-0505-0.65-001 P-TSSOP16-0505-0.65-001 P-VQFN16-0303-0.50-001


TXZ+™3A Series M3H Group

Series Group Function
TXZ+™3A Series M3H Group Arm® Cortex®-M3, 120 MHz, 2.7 to 5.5 V operation

Transistor array

Part number TBD62003AFWG TBD62083AFG TBD62064AFAG
Package P-SOP16-0410-1.27-002 SOP18-P-375-1.27 P-SSOP24-0613-1.00-001
Output type Sink Sink Sink
Number of channels 7ch 8ch 4ch
Input level H H H
IOUT [mA/ch] 500 500 1500
VOUT [V] 50 50 50


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