The latest storage trends put HDDs in the spotlight

The latest storage trends put HDDs in the spotlight

When it comes to capacity and cost, hard disk drives (HDDs) are worth their salt. Indeed, most data centers still rely on this over 40-year-old technology. So why haven’t solid state drives (SSDs) replaced HDDs for mass storage?

According to the new Storage Trends report entitled: ‘HDD Outlook 2023: The Trends Set to Emerge’ by Rainer W Kaese, Senior Manager HDD Business Development at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH: “The price per capacity of SSDs is still about five to seven times higher than HDDs.”

Regarding those costs, the storage capacity of a 20TB HDD is equal to less than 3TB SSD. The number of SSDs produced and their total capacity today is also a factor, as they can’t meet market demand in the face of the exponential growth of data volumes, among several other factors. To that end, HDDs remain competitive because engineering developments have boosted storage technology, such as using helium to produce thinner platters and achieve even higher capacities. Data centers are and will continue to be reliant on HDDs as a storage solution in large cloud storage set-ups as well as for backup and archiving.

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