Using modern hard disk drives with legacy RAID controllers

Using modern hard disk drives with legacy RAID controllers

Often, as technology moves on in one area, incompatibilities arise that require wider upgrades to keep a system operating.  A Toshiba customer was confronted with this situation, as he wanted to continue to use a 10-year-old RAID controller, pairing it with modern hard disk drives (HDDs). He was curious: would it be possible to upgrade a storage subsystem with a really old RAID controller, which still provides stable operation, using modern hard drives with higher capacities?  

Toshiba confirmed that their MG08 SATA drives were not checked for compatibility with controllers of that age. Nevertheless, the Toshiba team wanted to support the customer in his attempt to upgrade his system in a sustainable way.

So, they supplied two 16TB SATA (MG08ACA16TE) drives that had been updated to the latest firmware version 0103.

Upon testing, the customer was impressed with the performance, especially the low levels of vibration during idle, writing and reading.

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