Over Temperature Detection IC ThermoflaggerTM Application Circuit (TCTH021AE / Push-pull type)

This reference design provides design guide, data and other contents of Over Temperature Detection IC ThermoflaggerTM Application Circuits (TCTH021AE / Push-pull type). In combination with PTC thermistor(s), the ThermoflaggerTM can be used to detect over temperature at multiple locations within a device. Details of other application circuits of the ThermoflaggerTM are also provided.

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  • Simple over temperature detection solution
  • Outline size : 85 mm x 54 mm
  • Can operate with multiple PTC thermistors


Circuit topology Over Temperature Detection IC ThermoflaggerTM Application Circuit
Circuit Over Temperature Detection Circuit, Light Detection Circuit, Pressure Detection Circuit

Design Documents

Design Documents contain the documents below.

Design Data

Design Data contains the contents listed below.

*1:Actual PCB was designed on CR5000BD. The other files were made from CR5000BD file.

*2:The data was generated on CR5000BD.

Used Toshiba Items

Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
Over Temperature Detection IC Detection IC・1 10 μA, Push-pull, Over temperature detection IC
Small-signal MOSFET Low side switch・1 N-ch MOSFET, 20 V, 0.18 A, 3.0 Ω@4V, SOT-723(VESM)
Small-signal MOSFET High side switch・1 P-ch MOSFET, -20 V, -0.25 A, 1.4 Ω@4.5V, SOT-723(VESM)

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