Types of Photocouplers

An LED is used for input of the photocoupler. On the other hand, various devices are used for output.

Transistor output
A phototransistor is a detector. Darlington type is also available.
IC output
There are products using photodiodes as light-receiving devices, output products such as logic, products with high-current output for gate-drive driving of IGBT and MOSFET, and high-function products such as isolation amplifiers.
Triac/Thyristor output
A photothyristor or a phototriac is used for output. They are mainly used for control of AC line.
Photorelay (MOSFET output)
The photovoltaic array (photodiode array) drives the gate of the MOSFET to turn the output ON/OFF.  By this operation, it can be used as a relay switch of MOSFET output.

Types of Photocouplers

Chapter V : Optical Semiconductors

Types of Optical Semiconductors
Light-Emitting Principal of LEDs
The wavelength range of LEDs
What Is a Photocoupler?
Why Are Photocouplers Necessary?
Types of Photocouplers (Packages)
Types of Photocouplers (Internal Structure)
Safety Standards of Photocouplers
Characteristics of Photocouplers (Current Transfer Ratio: CTR)
Principal Characteristics of Photocouplers (Trigger LED Current)
Aging Variation Data of Photocouplers
How to Use a Photocoupler
How to Use a Photocoupler “Input Current”
How to Use a Photocoupler “Output Current”
How to Use a Photocoupler “Output-Side Resistor”
How to Use a Photocoupler Check

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