I/O (Input, Output)

Input and Output
Input and Output

The third and fourth of the five elements are an input and an output.
I/O is a function for exchanging data and signals between external devices and a microcontroller.
Peripheral circuits dedicated to external devices are prepared, and they perform input, output, and communication of data.

Input port, output port
Input port, output port

Basic operation includes "read" and "write" by the CPU.
I/O is called "Port", and its address is called "Port address."
There are "Input port" and "Output port" depending on the exchange of the data and signals with external devices.

Chapter 2 History and Five Elements of Microcontrollers

History of Microcontrollers
History of Microcontrollers: Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Microcontrollers
5 Elements of Microcontrollers
CPU (Calculation, Control)
Memory (Storage)
Memory Type (RAM & ROM)
Bus Line
Bus Line Type
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