Toshiba GaN Power device balances performance and ease of use

Suitable for applications of equipment requires power loss reduction and downsizing

The energy conservation is attracting attention toward the realization of a carbon-free society, on the other hand, the demand for electric power continues to escalate. The need for highly efficient and compact electric power conversion systems increases rapidly. Not only improving the performance of Si power semiconductors, but also compound power semiconductors is introduced. We are expanding the product lineup of Si power semiconductors and increasing production capacity. In compound semiconductors, we commercialize SiC(Silicon carbide ) semiconductor products. Furthermore, we are advancing development for GaN (Gallium nitride) power devices.
By offering high-performance GaN power devices that are easier for customers to use, we will contribute to reduce power dissipation and reduction in size of customer's equipment.

Power device application scope

Si device is used current mainstream for power device. SiC device is expected for high power & efficiency application because of good heat conductivity. GaN device makes applications high efficiency & downsizing because of better switching characteristic.

Power device application scope

GaN Power device advantages

GaN is a semiconductor material with high critical field strength and electron mobility. Therefore, when used in semiconductor devices, they achieve higher switching speed, and lower ON-resistance. GaN contributes to be lower power consumption, higher output, and reduction in size of customer's equipment because of high frequency switching and reducing the number of cooling units.

GaN Power device advantages

Toshiba GaN Power device

Easy Gate control

Because of Toshiba original Normally-ON + cascade structure,
Switching Slew Rate(dVDS/dt) are easy to control by series Gate Resistance(Rg).
(Conventional cascade type is difficult to control.)

Configure high performance and ease of use

Propose Toshiba original peripheral circuit and appropriate board design
VDSS : 650V
RDS(ON) : 54mΩ (typ.)
Package : QFN9x9 (9mm×9mm)

Improve Noise Immunity
Because of adopting original Normally-ON device,
it secures higher Vth, and is hard to cause malfunction
(In case of general Normally-OFF JFET, Vth is approximately 1.2V)

High efficiency
On our test sample with Totem-Pole PFC board, reached 99.4% peak efficiency(~2.5kW)
Confirmed higher efficiency than the others.

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