MCU Motor Studio 2.0

Easy-to-use, well-structured, and versatile Software Development Kit with expanded supported MCU models
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MCU Motor Studio features a PC Tool and motor control firmware dedicated to the TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class microcontrollers from Toshiba.
The Current version supports M4K Group and M3H Group, and Toshiba plans to further expand the supported microcontroller.


The PC Tool allows motor parameter configuration, drive control, real-time logging and diagnostics via high-speed UART. The motor control firmware is scalable, fully configurable and supports the special motor functions of the Family Advanced Class TXZ+™ M4K Group and M3H Group. MCU Motor Studio together with the Clicker 4 MCU board and the Clicker 4 Inverter Shield from MikroElektronika (MIKROE) allows quick and easy MCU evaluation, BLDC motor application development and prototyping.


  • Achieve the highest efficiency by  Field Oriented Control (Vector Control)
  • Quick start-up and configuration of BLDC motors
  • Performance tuning by real-time data logging & diagnostics
  • 1-shunt & sensorless options can lead to system cost reductions
  • Scalable firmware, easy to adapt to Toshiba motor MCUs and boards
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Name Date

Motor Control PC Tool


  • Initial parameter configuration for the motor, the board, the system
  • Parameter upload to the target

Tuning & Debugging

  • Dynamic change of motor, system and PI parameters
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) for live monitoring, & logging:
    • target/actual speed 
    • target/actual torque
    • actual current
  • Temperature & DC Link voltage real-time monitoring
  • Runtime parameter inspections, tuning and recording
Image of Motor Control PC Tool

Motor Control Firmware

Motor Drive Method

  • Field Oriented Control (Vector Control) using highly optimized mathematical co-processor, the "Vector Engine” integrated in Toshiba's Motor MCUs

Control Scheme

  • Speed / Torque / Position
  • 1-Shunt / 3-Shunt current detection
  • Variable PWM frequency, up to 50kHz


  • Over current detection and emergency shut downe
  • Field stall detection
  • Over voltage/under voltage detection
  • Motor disconnection detection
Image of Motor Control Firmware

Evaluation Kit

Clicker 4 for TMPM4K (MIKROE-4912)
/ Clicker 4 for TMPM3H (MIKROE-5788)

  • Development board with an on-board debugger
  • Four mikroBUS sockets for Click boards

Clicker 4 Inverter Shield (MIKROE-5134)

  • Extension for Clicker 4 series boards
  • 3-phase inverter for driving 3-phase brushless DC motors 

BLDC Motor (MIKROE-4455)

  • 24 VDC, 4000 RPM BLDC motor with hall sensors
Image of Evaluation Kit


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