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Motor Control Closed-loop System(Arduino Shield)

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


  • TB6605FTG: Sine Wave BLDC motor controller
  • Power supply voltage: 10V-28V DC
  • Attached motor specifications: Middle speed motor 10V-24V/ 0.5A-10A/Output 26W/ 4000rpm
  • Motor driver output + MosFET: N ch+ Nch MosFET (Toshiba TK20P04M1)
  • Main Ics: TB6605FTG, TC75S51F, TK20P04M1 (Arduino UNO is needed in MCD+MCU mode.)
  • MosFET specifications and package information: TK20P04M1: NMOS, 40V/20A, DPAK, Rdson=19mΩ


  • This reference design provides the the Motor Control Closed-loop system using Toshiba's 3 phase brushless DC motor driver IC TB6605FTG.
  • The board is designed as a plug-in board (Shield) for Arduino UNO platform. effeciency.
  • Click the image to see the picture image

Reference design files

Design, Document

“Design・Document” contains the documents listed below.

Circuit diagram


PWB layers

Reference guide

Design, File

“Design・File” contains the contents listed below.

Circuit schematic

PCB file

Sample SW

Toshiba items

Toshiba items
Part Number Device Category Portion Usage Description
IC TB6605FTG Motor control: 1pc TB6605FTG is a 3-phase full-wave sine-wave PWM brushless motor control IC.Sine-wave PWM driving with 2-phase modulation enables driving in high efficiency and low noise condition.
IC TC75S51F Op-Amp: 2pcs The TC75S51F/TC75S51FU/TC75S51FE is a CMOS singleoperation amplifier which incorporates a phase compensation circuit. It is designed with a low-voltage and low-current power supply; this differentiates this device from general-purpose bipolar op-amps.
IC TK20P04M1 MOSFET: 6pcs High-speed switching / Low gate charge / Low drain-source on-resistance / Low leakage current



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