The journey to a zero footprint in datacenters just got shorter

More than one PB capacity at just around 500W - Toshiba tested power consumption PROMISE VTrack J5960 JBOD with 60 18TB Toshiba Enterprise Hard Disk Drives and a total capacity of 1080TB
The journey to a zero footprint in datacenters just got shorter

Climate neutrality and sustainability are driving forces in all areas of the datacenter. Few stay unaffected such as heat re-usage or free cooling to the use of sustainably produced inventory and state-of-the-art Hard Disk Drive (HDD) technology.

One of the latest products released is the compact PROMISE VTrak J5960 4U, a 60-bay toploader JBOD that is claimed to be the “JBOD with green DNA”. To evaluate the green claim made by PROMISE, Toshiba has had the chance to test this JBOD for function, performance, acoustics and power consumption. The setup included a Microchip raid controller Adaptec® SmartRAID Ultra 3254-16e/e, Broadcom’s Host-Bus-Adapter HBA 9500-16e and 18TB  Enterprise HDDs from Toshiba’s MG09 Series.

The full Toshiba lab report with information about the JBOD’s dimension & mechanical features, the setup and  performance measurements in the lab, JBOD functions & settings, configuration with SATA drives, system considerations can be downloaded here:

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