Why continue to use brushed DC motors?

Why continue to use brushed DC motors?

At a first glance it seems reasonable to want to replace brushed motors with brushless DC (BLDC) motors that offer greater performance and extend battery life. While it is true that the automotive industry has turned to BLDC technology in some areas, in many areas brushed DC motors remain the preferred choice, meaning that the industry continues to seek improved brushed motor drivers.

Folding door mirrors gain no benefit from BLDC technology as they operate quickly once per journey (if at all) and brushed DC motor designs are cheaper. The same applies to other comfort features, such as automated flaps for charging sockets or reverse parking camera covers.

Infrequent use makes brushed DC motors popular under the hood of the vehicle for similar infrequently used applications such as grille shutters and a range of other actuators

Toshiba’s TB9053FTG and TB9054FTG devices integrate two H-bridges with pre-drivers in a single package, allowing a pair of 5A motors or a single 10A motor to be driven.

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