What is the definition of "drain current (DC) (Silicon limit)" listed in the Absolute Maximum Ratings table?

Drain current (DC) (silicon limit) indicates the current-carrying capacity of a single silicon unit, without considering the limitations of the package and safe operation area.

The drain current (DC) (silicon limit) does not mean the current that can be actually applied to the product. It indicates the current carrying capacity of the silicon chip and which is used as a reference for comparing with other products. In other words, it indicates the energization capacity when viewed as a single silicon unit without considering the limitations of the package and the safe operation area, etc.
The drain-current (DC) that can be applied to a product is limited by the current carrying capacity of the product's package the maximum-channel temperature and the safe operating area.

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note) (Ta = 25°C unless otherwise specified)

Characteristics Symbol Rating Unit
Drain-source voltage VDSS 30 V
Gate-source voltage VGSS ±20
Drain current (DC) (Tc = 25 ºC) ID 150 A
Drain current (DC) (Silicon limit) ID 420 A
Drain current (pulsed) (t = 100 µs) IDP 500 A
Power dissipation (Tc = 25 ºC) PD 210 W
Power dissipation PD 3 W
Power dissipation PD 0.96 W
Single-pulse avalanche energy EAS 393 mJ
Single-pulse avalanche current IAS 120 A
Channel temperature Tch 175 °C
Storage temperature Tstg -55 to 175 °C

Table 1: Example of absolute maximum ratings

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