Recommended Motor Control Products

Toshiba Motor Control Technologies

Toshiba Motor control technologies

Toshiba has a rich history in semiconductors and offers a wide range of full system solutions.
Our high-power electronics solutions are suitable for a variety of applications.

Motor Control IC Line-up & Toshiba Proposals

Motor Control IC Line-up & Toshiba Proposals

Toshiba’s Motor Control IC family offers all necessary ICs for DC and BLDC motor control applications.

Recommendation Product Series for Motor Applications

Offering products for a wide variety of AC/DC input voltages.

  • Microcontrollers for motor control
  • Motor Driver
  • Intelligent Power ICs
  • Power device
  • Small Signal
  • Isolators

Microcontrollers for Motor Control

Toshiba microcontrollers (MCU) for motor control integrate leading-edge motor control hardware and help improve system development and power efficiency, as well as offers reduced system cost and down-sizing. MCUs are used in a variety of home appliances including air-conditioners as well as many industrial applications.

Our motor control hardware offers Vector Engine (VE) which processes various calculations for vector control, Programmable Motor Driver (PMD) which generates PWM waveform and an ADC which converts motor current. Combining these features together with a high-speed CPU maximizes 3 phase motor control. Toshiba provides development kits to assist in development of sensor-less systems. Combining Toshiba Intelligent Power ICs, power MOSFETs, and Motor Control Drivers (MCD), and MCUs helps create a strong motor control platform for many designs.


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Motor Drivers

Toshiba develops motor control driver ICs for brushless motors, brushed motors, and stepping motors for a wide range of applications such as home appliances, OA, industry, fan motor, etc. 

Toshiba has a broad product portfolio and over 40 years of experience in the market.
We have started to provide brushless motor products with Toshiba’s new technology called intelligent phase control which helps achieve high efficiency and reduces development time spent on complicated adjustments. 

We provide a wide range of products from 12V to 600V, helping you choose the product that suits your needs best.


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Motor Driver ICs

Intelligent Power ICs

Toshiba's lineup of intelligent power ICs includes high-voltage devices from 500V to 600V and low-voltage ICs from 40V to 60V. High-voltage devices are widely used in home appliances and industrial equipment, including air conditioners. We offer a lineup of products which combine IGBT built-in monolithic ICs using high-voltage micro-SOI processes with multi-chip module products that combine MOSFETs and driver ICs to provide high-efficiency motor solutions. Low-voltage devices offer high side switching, low side switching, and a gate driver which contains various protection features and diagnostic functions.


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Intelligent Power ICs

Power Devices

Toshiba has decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of MOSFETs.

Our Low Voltage MOSFETs offer an extensive portfolio from VDSS of 12V to 250V in various circuit configurations and packages by  using our own "U-MOS" process. They feature high speed, high performance, low loss, low on-resistance, small packaging, among other benefits.

Each successive generation of Toshiba's trench-gate structures and fabrication processes have steadily reduced the drain-source on-resistance, RDS(ON), of its "U-MOS" series.

Small Signal Devices

Toshiba's small signal package product lineup includes discrete products such as Transistors, Diodes, Schottky barrier diodes, ESD protection diodes, and MOSFETs. 

These discretes are complemented by general-purpose IC products  such as CMOS logic ICs, LDOs, eFuses, Load switches, and Operational amplifiers. 
Toshiba offers a variety of unique products in small packages, which is important for many motor control applications.

Isolation Devices

Toshiba's industry leading isolation products include couplers for isolated gate driving of power devices, smart gate driver couplers with overcurrent protection functions, isolation amplifiers that can detect phase currents and bus voltages of motors with high accuracy. 
Other products include IPM (Intelligent Power Module) interface couplers that are ideal for interfacing controllers such as MCUs with IPMs, and high-speed communication couplers that are ideal for communicating isolated signals between boards or external devices. 

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